How To Keep Your Air Conditioner Performance

The main enemy of the Air conditioner is dust. Dust that accumulates on top of cabinet or wall will be purified by the air conditioner and hard to work Air conditioner. The more dust in the Air conditioner will result in more difficult the working air conditioner and you have to wash the Air conditioner more often. Therefore we recommend you to clean the dust on top of cabinets and wall walls regularly as this will help Air conditioner performance indirectly aircon servicing singapore. Visit aircon installation singapore if you have any problem with your Air Conditioner.

In addition, there are some other things you can do for your Air conditioner performance to stay good.

– Do not open the room too often and install an Air conditioner in the enclosed space

The air conditioner will attempt to cool the room to a temperature set on the remote air conditioner. At the time the door of the room opened the lid continuously then the temperature in the room will not be stable because the heat from outside will go into the room. This condition will make the Air conditioner work continuously to stabilize the temperature in the room. If your air conditioner installed open room then automatically your room will be very difficult to reach the desired temperature so Air conditioner will continue to work optimally. In the open space is also a spacious room that must be cooled to be very large and most likely above the ability of the air conditioner in the cool.

– Perform Air Conditioner Wash With Routine Minimum 3 Month Once

The dirty air conditioner will require extra work to cool the room. To cool the usual room only requires fan speed 1 maybe so need a fan speed of 2/3 / maximum. This results in a compressor Air conditioner that works harder than it should ultimately result in Air conditioner quickly damaged and more wasteful of electricity. In addition, you should also pay attention to the outdoor Air conditioner unit because if it is dirty and dusty then the outdoor air conditioner unit will not be able to throw away the heat with as much as possible. Make sure you wash your air conditioner with routine at least 3 months.

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