These Are Things Hunters Must Prepare Before They Hunt

Long before preparing other supplies, managing hunting permits and weapons is better managed early. In hunting regulations, hunting weapons are always stored in the Regional Management Warehouse (Pengda) Perbakin. When it will be used for hunting, hunters must first take care of the required documents. Besides weapons, bullet supplies must also be considered. If the trip is in groups, it would be better if there was one person who specialized in dealing with weapons and bullets. Remember, never store bullets in a place that is hard to remember. Because, if only one item is left in the bag because it’s forgotten, then this can bring difficulties when you enter the airport. Additionally, if you are interested in compound bows, just visit and find out more about them.

Hunting vehicles

As for cars, of course, the owner of the car must prepare the car in a fit condition. First check your car to the garage, before leaving. There is nothing wrong if the hunters also prepare the needs of cars such as lightweight spare parts, filters, spark plug condensers, and other needs. If something happens in the forest, it won’t be a hassle.

Base Camp

Usually, large hunting groups have their own place or base camp in the hunting field environment. If you already have your own base camp, it is easier for you to have a resting place.

But if the hunting group does not yet have a base camp, it will usually use people’s homes in the village closest to the hunting grounds as a place to rest. Also prepared tents and sleeping baths, and cooking equipment if forced to not return to the base camp.


There are foods prepared in groups and some in person. Food for the benefit of the group is large food, such as rice and side dishes, instant noodles, sugar, coffee, tea. While food for private is snacks and drinks that are tailored to the needs and tastes of each.


Medicines or first aid kits must be in each hunting group. Because we don’t know what will happen in the hunting field. Because of that medicine is prepared. It is also possible for each hunter to prepare medicines as they usually provide for personal needs.