You Can Choose These Type Of Elegant Flower Bouquet For Your Wedding Day

Many brides want to hold a bouquet of flowers on their wedding day. there are many types of flower bouquet to choose from san angel . The bride only needs to choose the right flower bouquet. You can choose the right flower bouquet in flores medellin. You also have to choose the right type of flower for the flower bouquet.

There are several types of flower bouquets that are simple but still look elegant for your wedding day. You have to choose a flower bouquet that symbolizes yourself. Here are some types of simple flower bouquets that look elegant for your wedding day.

1. Posy
The Posy bouquet has a round and dense shape. The brides usually combine various types of flowers with a variety in this bouquet. You can get a round shape in this bouquet, the posy type bouquet is smaller and lighter so that women can carry it in one hand. This type is known as a type of bridal bouquet that combines classic and modern elements.

2. Hand-tied
Hand-tied type bridal bouquet is a type of bouquet that combines flowers and leaves tied together using ribbon, cloth, or tie threads. The choice of flowers used is usually brightly colored flowers so it is perfect for a wedding with a rustic theme or you who have a cheerful and pleasant personality. You can use this type of bouquet if your wedding concept is simple.

3. Cascade
This type of bridal bouquet is known as the most elegant bouquet because it displays a bouquet of flowers like a waterfall. Therefore, the brides usually use orchid and rose flowers as their choice of flowers. This is because the flowers can be arranged like a waterfall. The brides also choose colors that look elegant like purple, white and red. You can choose this type if you want a simple wedding concept.