These Are Things You Must Know About A Lamborghini Car’s Maintenance

First we will discuss the fuel for Lamborghini Huracan cars. The car’s fuel consumption is approximately 5.3 liters per 1 kilometer. The Huracan gas tank itself has a volume of 90 liters, and the fuel must be at least the best available in your country’s fuel market. If in one day you drive about 10 kilometers, then the car will require approximately 53 liters of gasoline. If the first day is filled with full gas, then your second day may already have to fill up again. Meanwhile, if you consider renting a Lamborghini car instead of buying it, you just need to click here.

Oil change and tune up

Oil changes and tune-ups are included in the small maintenance. Although the name is “small”, if it’s in Lamborghini, it’s still expensive. Well, is it possible for a Lamborghini car to use Mesran oil? Obviously, it’s impossible, the one with the machine will be problematic.

Supercar engines like Lamborghini must be lubricated with high-quality synthetic oil. Well, as long as you know, synthetic oil is very expensive per liter. While this car needs a minimum of eight liters of oil.

Just imagine, the gasoline is wasteful, the olives are also not half-hearted

About the service, it’s not possible for the Lamborghini owner to go to a roadside general workshop. Not necessarily the mechanics also understand the machine structure. While the service costs at the official Lamborghini workshop are certainly not cheap.

Clutch lining

One component of the Lamborghini car that is often replaced is the clutch. The age of using a Lamborghini clutch can be said to be only 5 to 7 thousand kilometers.

Do you want to know how much the price of this supercar? The answer is the US $ 5 thousand.

This change of canvas is usually done in conjunction with small maintenance. So when you change oil, you can also replace the clutch shoes too.

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