These Two Important Kitchen Appliances Must Be Cleaned Properly

If you don’t clean your gas stove, it will become very dirty and oily. Duh, because it is used to cook food, so the stove must be hygienic. How to clean the ring, you can soak the ring using dishwashing soap. It’s good to use warm water to soak it. After that brush and clean the dirt and the remaining oil attached, then rinse and dry the ring. For the entire surface of the stove, clean it with a damp cloth and dry cloth. Aside from that, perhaps you want to take a look at the elegant Gaggenau kitchen wares that can be cleaned easily.

Apart from gas stoves, is your dish sink may look unsightly because it is dirty, oily and has stubborn stains? Let’s take a sponge/brush immediately, and wash it like using special dishwashing or cleaning liquid. To make it look shiny, you can use white vinegar mixed with water, then rub it gently with a sponge. Rinse and dry with a cloth.

And to remove the stain the way is quite simple. You can rub the sink using toothpaste. Gently rub then rinse and dry.

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