You Must Know The Type C, D, And F Fire Before You Use A Fire Extinguisher

A fire may happen due to various causes. Therefore, before you buy a fire extinguisher, then it will be a good idea for you to know several types of fire so you can deal with it properly. So before you make any fire extinguisher reporting service to help others when a fire burns your home or office, then you definitely need to know some types of fire.

Here are the type C, D, And F fire:

Type C: This type C fire can be extinguished with a light fire extinguisher that uses mono-ammonium phosphate chemicals and sodium bicarbonate. This type C fire comes from an electric current that is not suitable to be overcome by using a mild fire extinguisher from water material which is actually dangerous. The two chemicals used in this lightweight fire extinguisher are usually used against fire because of their conductive properties.

Type D: Type D fires are usually sourced from metal that has become powder and uses a mild fire extinguisher that also carries special materials and is usually a chemical.

Type F: The last one to enter the class is type F, where type F is a source of fire originating from ingredients in the kitchen when cooking. For this type of fire, you can use a lightweight fire extinguisher for types B and C.

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